A 1v1 tool can help you and your team to…

work where work happens

📅 Schedule productive 1:1 meetings

Create a dedicated space for your team to catch-up for a  meeting. Empower your team to derive important decisions - in minutes, not hours.

EngageWith works where your team works
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💪 Show up prepared

Be it sprint planning, OKR check-ins, or other retrospectives - get AI-powered action items with ChatGPT-4. Our AI-enabled system ensures key topics are addressed and resolved without hassle. 

anonymous response

📝 Take instant notes

Take notes with ease to keep track of discussions and decisions. Keep tabs on unresolved talking points and access the past meeting notes as needed. 

Get incognito responses to your pulse surveys with EngageWith
With EngageWith get more responses to your pulse surveys with no followups
get 10x more responses

🔂 Track meetings effortlessly

Now that you've had a great meeting, it's time to track any important to-do's. Provide accountability for the next steps so nothing gets lost from meeting to meeting. 1v1 uses ChatGPT-4 to create effective and actionable summaries based on your conversation.

What our customers are saying

EngageWith has transformed the way we reward and recognize people inside my company. It has helped us connect better as a team and celebrate wins together. Overall: Ease of use - 9/10, customer support - 10/10, and impact on our team engagement - immeasurable.

Nikhil Kumar

Co-Founder, SETU

When an employee says - ‘Hey, I got this coffee mug using my EngageWith points’ - it certainly creates a ripple effect by motivating others to give their best. This not only gets the best out of people, but also builds a great culture of recognition in the process.

Himanshi Khandelwal

Head of People,

EngageWith is our one-stop solution to build the culture we always dreamt of at Cowrywise. And most importantly, it creates an instant impact - something no other app was able to achieve.

Razaq Ahmed


EngageWith is a smack of all-things people inside Outplay. A must-have app for companies trying to build their DREAM culture.

Bhavya Arora

People and Culture,


Run delightful 1v1 meetings with your people